The Panasonic X900 HD camcorder's Crystal Engine PRO instantly processes large HD images, enriching its photo quality. Smooth, high-resolution zoom shots are produced even when taken beyond its optical zooming range. The beauty of this Crystal Engine PRO is how clearly it delineates even the tiniest details of your subjects, like flowers and the big blue sky. Intelligent Resolution Technology, with its edge detection technology, ensures sharp and crisp pictures, resulting in bright and beautifully colored motion images. The key is how the HD camcorder corrects and redefines blurry edges for optimal clarity. This advanced technology enhances natural smoothness letting you see the patterns and outlines in flowers and the big sky.


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You can thank the Intelligent Zoom function for its smart, ultra-telephoto zooming abilities, bringing your subjects into your frame by 23x. Because of the HD video camera's Intelligent Resolution technology, you can record at high zoom rates while preserving fine image quality and resolution. You get sharp images of incredibly detailed objects - without the nuisance of blurry edges. And if you find yourself shooting indoors or in a darkly set location, don't worry. The X900 camcorder has a high sensitivity sensor that is more susceptible than conventional sensors, making dark scenes brighter and clearer to the eye. Go on, zoom in on that far away spot that calls to you.

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