SANUS WMS5-B Indoor Outdoor Wall

4) VM Audio Shaker 5.25' 2-Way High Performance In-Ceiling Speakers - Our Shaker Series In-Ceiling Speakers fit the bill as the best solution for incredible audio reproduction, blending seamlessly in any room. Full Range Coaxial design with our True-Axis Dynamic Driver places the tweeter in the center of the woofer for a smooth and wide acoustic performance, setting the standard for dynamic sound quality in a small enclosure. The result is clear, detailed, natural sound reproduction. - An exceptional bargain, VM Audio's Shaker Series In-Ceiling Speakers are easy to install and look great in any room with their slim, low-profile presence. You'll be amazed at the truly big sound you'll get without those bulky, big box floor speakers. - COAXIAL SPEAKERS We've developed our Full Range Coaxial Speakers with a True-Axis Dynamic Driver for a smooth and wide dynamic sound performance. A perfect blend of high and low frequencies for audiophile sound quality. - COMPONENTS For the purest sound staging, we've engineered our speakers with the highest quality electronic elements. VM Audio uses an On-Board High Frequency Specific Crossover Filter which separates bass/midrange and high frequencies, presenting the highs, mids and lows to perfection. - CONE CONSTRUCTION Our Silver Fused Polypropylene Cone is significantly lightweight with improved directivity and radiation pattern control, offering unparalleled audio reproduction and a unique acoustic experience. Delivers clear, dynamic sound. - LOW-PROFILE APPEARANCE You want your In-Ceiling speakers to blend-in perfectly with your home dcor. Our Topcoat ABS Mounting Flange Baffles are well-concealed and can be painted with any color of your choosing. - EASY INSTALLATION As important as good sounding speakers are, it's also equally important for our Elux Series In-Ceiling Speakers to be installed easily and securely. Our Screw-In Quick Locking Arm System makes inst
4) VM Audio Shaker 5.25'
16) VM Audio Shaker 8'
16) VM AUDIO Elux 5.25'
2 VM AUDIO Elux 5.25'
4 VM AUDIO Elux 5.25'
4) VM AUDIO Shaker 5.25'
2) VM AUDIO Shaker 4'
2) VM AUDIO Elux 6.5'
8) VM AUDIO Elux 6.5'
2) VM Audio Shaker 6.5'
2 VM AUDIO Shaker 6.5'
2 VM AUDIO Shaker 5.25'
4) VM AUDIO ELUX 5.25'
4) VM AUDIO Elux 6.5'
4 VM AUDIO Shaker 5.25'
2) VM AUDIO Shaker 5.25'
4) VM AUDIO Shaker 6.5'
4) VM AUDIO Elux 4'
2) VM AUDIO ELUX 5.25'
2) VM AUDIO VMIS6 6.5'
4) VM AUDIO VMIS6 6.5'
VALCOM VC-V-9062M Lay-in Ceiling Speaker
Eagle Tech Arion ET-AR514R-BK Mega
Atlas Sound SD72WV 8' 10w
Bogen BG-HFCS1M High Fidelity Ceiling
Valcom S-521 B Lay-in Ceiling
Bogen ASUG1 Amplified Ceiling Speaker
Bogen BG-CS1EZM 8 IN Ceiling
Bogen PG8W Ceiling Speaker Grill
Atlas Sound 10W Ceiling Speaker
Pyle 8in 2 Way in
Atlas Sound SD72WV Ceiling Speaker
Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II
Bogen BG-SM4TM Easy Install Ceiling
Valcom V-9021 2x1 Lay-in Ceiling
Bogen ASUG1 Amplified Ceiling Speaker
Bogen BG-RE84M Round Recessed Ceiling
VALCOM VC-V-1001M Valcom P-Tec Ceiling
Valcom V-9422 Spot Sound Masking
12) VM AUDIO Elux 8'
VM Audio 5.25' 5.1 Full
VM AUDIO Shaker 6.5' 5.1
VM AUDIO Shaker 8' 5.1
8) VM AUDIO Shaker 4'
Bogen SM4T Easy Install Speaker
Pyle P 6. 5 2Way
Atlas Sound DLS4 4' Ceiling

4' Dog Leg Speaker with 8w Transformer & Press Fit Grill The DLS4 was specially designed for use in low ceiling paging and background music applications such as airports where wide dispersion, high efficiency and ease of installation are required. The DLS4 is also well suited for use in rail stations, retail stores and hospitality applications. The system consists of 4' high efficiency driver with a unique (patent pending) tap selector switch design to allow for easy system tuning. A full selection of taps up to 8 watts as well as an 8 ohm bypass setting is included for maximum system versatility. This switch 'knob' also functions as a diffuser cone, providing smooth, even dispersion of the high frequency content from the center of the 4' driver. Technical Information RMS Output Power: 16 W Driver Type: 4' Paper Woofer Minimum Frequency Response: 150 Hz Maximum Frequency Response: 17 kHz Impedance: 8 Ohm Sensitivity: 92 dB Physical Characteristics Weight (Approximate) : 3 lb
VM AUDIO Shaker 5.25' 5.1
CyberData CD-011099M VoIP Ceiling Speaker
Cyberdata Voip Ceiling Speaker V2,
8' Dual Voice Coil Stereo
VALCOM VC-S-422A-2M 2X2 Lay In
Naxa NAXNE922AB Naxa NE-922A 5
C2G 5' White Ceiling Speaker
Cyberdata 011099 Voip Ceiling Speaker
Naxa NAS-3070 Bluetooth Streaming Speaker
6.5' Kevlar Single-Point Stereo Ceiling
VALCOM VC-V-1060AM 8in Talkback Ceiling
Valcom V-1023c 1way Wall Speaker
Soundfreaq SFQ-07W Sound Spot Speaker
Atlas Sound 4W Ceiling Speaker
Atlas Sound FD72W 8' 4w
OSD Audio RX550BROWN 5.25' Outdoor
Atlas Sound GD87W 8' 25w
Bogen Ceiling S86t725pg8w Speaker W/o
VALCOM VC-V-1014B 5Watt 1Way Track
Valcom V-1052C 8' Amplified Wall
Valcom V-1013b 1watt 1way Track
VALCOM VC-V-9028M Lay-In Ceiling Speaker
Viking Electronics VK-SA-1SM IR Controlled
Bogen CSD2X2 2' x 2'
Bogen WBS8T725V Communications Wall Baffle
VALCOM VC-V-1052CM 8in Amplified Wall
SANUS WMS5-B Indoor Outdoor Wall
Atlas Sound 25W Ceiling Speaker
Atlas Sound 10W Ceiling Speaker
VALCOM VC-S-521M S-521B Lay-in Ceiling
VALCOM VC-V-1014BM 5Watt 1Way Track
VALCOM VC-V-9422M Spot Sound Masking
VALCOM VC-V-1020C 1Watt 1Way 8
Valcom V-1001 P-tec Ceiling Speaker
Bogen BG-CSD2X2M Bogen 2 PACK
Atlas Sound SD72W 8' 10w
Atlas Sound Ceiling Speaker
Pure Acoustics Ht770 Wh Mini
Polk Audio F/XiA6 Black (Pr)
Pure Acoustics PURHT770WHW Pure Acoustics
Bogen BG-CSD1X2UM 2 PK 1X2
Bogen BG-RE84 Round Recessed Ceiling
Valcom V-1060A Ceiling Speaker
Valcom V-1014b 5watt 1way Track





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